The pyrolyse technology we use is proven technology – in a unique, novel combination!

We combine a pyrolysis process with an externally fired micro gas turbine to generate electricity. The combination of the pyrolysis system and ClinX creates “Pyro-ClinX” – a self-sufficient, sustainable, CO2 -neutral system.


#Letsgetgreen. We are planning to implement a unique regenerative pyrolysis plant system with green electricity generation at our Lausitz location in Cottbus . A CO2-neutral production of a CO2-negative product – this is how a sustainable contribution to climate change is made. Our credo: We want to work self-sufficiently in the future. Our plant system supplies itself with the energy converted on site ( heat and electricity ). The Pyro-ClinX plant park is to become a flagship project in Lusatia and a symbol for the structural change that has actually been implemented.


Example of our Pyro-ClinX system park

The concept is a combination of a pyrolysis plant and a CHP system (ClinX) . In the pyrolysis process, the wood-like residues are carbonized with the exclusion of air and thus biochar is produced. The process is similar to the natural formation of coal, but is extremely shortened in terms of time. The heat generated during the pyrolysis process is sustainably converted into electricity with the ClinX CHP system. The system thus provides its own energy as well as, modularly expandable, EEG-compatible feed-in electricity into the public grid.

Forest residues
Damaged wood

There is great untapped potential in the field of solid biogenic residues. The total residual material potential of dry substrate in Germany is 151.1 million tons, of which around a third has so far remained unused.

This applies in particular to wood and forest residues as well as to agricultural by-products, for which there were previously hardly any marketing opportunities.

Industrial wood

The reason for this is that the substances have very heterogeneous properties and cannot be converted into energy by conventional systems. In addition, the substances are mostly decentralized, so that their central recycling or disposal is associated with high transport and logistics costs.

Our plant concept focuses on the biomass residual forest wood, industrial residual wood, landscape conservation wood and damaged wood.


Our plant park is particularly sustainable thanks to its own green energy generation and use. The excess heat that remains after our processes to produce biochar is used to generate electricity . In this way, the energy potential is used continuously and even the post-process heat is used in an environmentally friendly manner. Of course, the energy generated is CO2 -neutral and can even be subsidized according to the EEG – an important additional source of income!

Fuel flexible


Pyro-ClinX enables the pyrolysis of various residues and thus offers a wide range of fuels. In principle, wood from different origins can be used, such as forest and industrial waste wood as well as wood from landscape conservation. Furthermore, biogenic waste streams such as digestate, sewage sludge and sieve overflows are also conceivable. The necessary prerequisites for the desired certification must be observed on the fuel side, for example only forest wood from sustainable forest management may be used for the EBC certification (European Biochar Certificates).



Pyro-ClinX can be operated on a decentralized basis close to where fuels are produced. This reduces the logistical effort and costs of fuel transport. The locations can thus be optimally set according to the relationship between suppliers and customers.



The modular system adapts to new manufacturing processes or changes in the composition of the material flows. Pyrolysis modules can be added as required, and the ClinX CHP modules can also be expanded. The system can also be expanded in a user-oriented manner: a cooling, water treatment or ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) module can be added as required.

Robust / low maintenance

Robust l Wartungsarm

Due to the externally fired micro gas turbine , the flue gases are not fed directly to the micro gas turbine. This works exclusively with clean and filtered ambient air, which is heated indirectly via the heat exchanger. This system property enables fuel-independent, low maintenance costs. The air-bearing turbine also works exclusively with air and does not require any lubricants or coolants. Thus Pyro-ClinX offers a robust and low-maintenance system.

Security of supply


Independence from a central power supply and rising energy prices – Pyro-ClinX works as an energy self-sufficient system. The system is independent of the rising energy market prices and has clear advantages over other biochar production systems in terms of its own production price stability.

Resource efficient


Pyro-ClinX is a combined heat and power system. The thermal efficiency from the pyrolysis process is supplemented by efficient electrical generation. Due to the robust construction and the long service life of the system, the material used in the system itself is used as efficiently as possible.

Environmentally friendly


The energy conversion from renewable energy sources replaces an energy conversion from fossil energy sources. This renewable energy generation contributes to CO2 savings and climate protection. The system is energy self-sufficient and uses a CO2 -neutral CHP process. In addition, CO2 is bound in the biochar and thus a CO2 -negative product is created. The high German air pollution standards are of course adhered to. Furthermore, with a decentralized solution, the transport volume and the associated CO2 and pollutant emissions can be reduced.



The system supplies itself with the necessary energy from its own process and thus offers a manufacturing cost advantage for the pyrolysis coal. Excess electricity can be fed in profitably with EEG subsidies. Due to the wide range of input materials, inexpensive input materials can be used and residual materials in the immediate vicinity can be converted into energy.