Speech at the 6th Central European Biomass Conference CEBC

The Central European Biomass Conference in Graz (Austria) brings users, companies, researchers, developers, political decision-makers, raw material producers and traders together. Professor Dr. Berg & Kießling GmbH CEO Mr. Kießling spoke about the solid energy potential offered by the conversion of previously unused residual materials into electricity and heat.

A decentralized transformation of solid wooden residues into heat or cold and parallel into electricity has hardly been implemented, although it has considerable potential for commercial and industrial users, for the success of the energy transition and for the environment.

During his presentation Mr. Kießling explained the innovative technology approach of an externally fired micro gas turbine system and the technical operation of a decentralized CHP system for the utilization of heterogeneous solid fuels in the power range <1 MWel. “Initial operating experience confirms the potential of this decentralized system with regard to energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness, security of supply, base load provision and climate friendliness”, said Kießling.

In detail, the integration of the externally fired gas turbine into existing production processes, as well as the composition and specification of usable fuels (residual forest wood and industrial lumber) were presented. The high combustion temperatures and residual times result in low emissions.

Conclusion: Decentralised CHP systems that use wooden production residues as fuels for the generation of electricity and heat offer a high ecological potential and a high economic benefit.